Top 10 Scuba & Sea Life Shirts of 2017

To determine the best and most popular scuba diving and sea life shirts of 2017, we took a look at this year's data like sales rates, direct customer feedback, and social media engagement around our t-shirts and UV protective performance shirt. These wardrobe must-haves can make excellent gifts for the 2017 holiday season, or for yourself! Here they are...

1. Whale Shark T-Shirt

One of the more challenging Shark Zen designs, with an ink color the same as the dots on the actual animal, and a material color similar to the backdrop of its environment.


2. Manta Ray T-Shirt

Bold black, being one of the predominant colors on the Manta Ray, had to be used; accentuated by a light grey material color not far off the whites seen in this animal's natural design.


3. Hammerhead T-Shirt

Long, sleek lines, the signature head shape, and a contrast of blues were all that were needed to complete a striking t-shirt featuring the hammerhead.


4. Loggerhead T-Shirt

Natural symmetry and the use of a shade of orange (one of the colors on a loggerhead sea turtle) against dark grey material makes this t-shirt pop.


5. Manta Ray Performance Shirt

When black isn't used to portray a Manta Ray, navy is the next best color. The blues of this gorgeous animal's environment make this UV protective shirt stand out.


6. Shark Zen T-Shirt

An instant classic that should be in every diver's wardrobe, not to mention the wardrobe's of everyone who appreciates sharks and the ocean.


7. Sea Turtle Performance Shirt (Women)

Shades of water blue with a beautiful animal that swims in such colors make a ladies swim shirt that never goes unnoticed.


8. Octopus T-Shirt

An animal that can change colors so easily should be featured in one of its more striking colors, and against a deep blue background similar to where it dwells.


9. Shark Zen Performance Shirt

Black and white is used to show an appreciation of the ocean, sea life, and sharks in the clearest terms on this classic UV protective shirt.


10. Blue Crab T-Shirt

A blue crab without blue wouldn't be a blue crab! When that blue is set against a dark grey background, you've got a striking t-shirt of this awesome animal.


Some of the above designs are new releases for 2017 also featured on other shirt types and in other color combinations. You'll find them in our new releases section as well as our t-shirts, performance shirts for men, performance shirts for women, and kids sections. Comment below to let us know your favorite of 2017!

December 04, 2017 by Billy Walsh
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Michael Majcher said:

Do your short sleeve shirts have the same sun protection factor as your long sleeve performance shirts?

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