The Artist: Billy Walsh

After ten long New England winters, Billy Walsh finally realized he was ready to go back to his roots and follow his passion. He and his family returned home to the warm coastal waters of Florida, and it wasn’t long after their return that his artistic inspiration began to thaw out and reignite. He put the pencil to paper just as he did as a teenager inspired by fishing, snorkeling, and the artwork of the great sea life artists of the 90s. But this time something different was getting rendered on paper. He wasn't striving to make the fish look exactly like the fish looked in real life. He was noticing lighting, contrast, shapes, and prominent features that made the fish look like the fish without all the details. The artwork flowed naturally and he loved it, and others that saw it loved it too. He realized it was time to merge his entrepreneurial experience with his core passion. His inner shark was unleashed, and Shark Zen was born.

See the first sea life sketches that led Billy to launch Shark Zen. 

Shark Zen: Style For Your Inner Shark

Shark Zen is deeply connected to the sea life experience. The experience of looking for sea life, finding it, being exhilarated by it, and it being exhilarated by you. Shark Zen is meant to translate this powerful experience to you through designs, products, and community. 

We bring you clean, yet edgy sea life designs; stylish color combinations that relate to the species' environment and characteristics; and the highest quality materials that go beyond simply fulfilling their functions. Shark Zen's products are meant to give you a unique experience, not normally offered to the fisherman, diver, or ocean goer away from the ocean.

We take it a step further by aiming to give children that life changing, zen-like experience when among an abundance of sea life. We use a portion of each sale to send children fishing, snorkeling, or paddle boarding for the first time.

The Products


Our goal is to bring you ocean life t-shirts of the best quality, style, and comfort. Shark Zen branded t-shirts are made with an extremely soft and light cotton / polyester blend that does not compromise durability (click to learn more about our exceptional fabric). They have a stylish, "not too snug, not too loose" fit - perfect for time on the water or a night out on land. You will be impressed when you feel these shirts, and you will truly enjoy wearing them.

Performance Shirts

Our performance shirts are the perfect fit for your ocean days in the sun. The shirts are made with a soft and light, high quality microfibre. They will keep the sun off your skin with up to UPF 50 solar protection, and they'll keep you dry with built-in PURE-tech moisture wicking technology.


Our decals are single piece, high quality vinyl, durable in all types of weather. Designs are printed in white on transparent vinyl so all you see is a "popping" white sea life design in day or night lighting. Easy application instructions are included with each decal.

Art Prints

Shark Zen art prints offer the perfect stylish sea life accent for your home. Each print features an original signature by artist Billy Walsh. The prints are made with high quality, archival paper and include your choice of black or white matting to complement a sharp black and white design. Mat dimensions are 11x14".

Give A Child A Fishing, Snorkeling, or Paddle Boarding Experience

If you have experienced that zen-like feeling when surrounded by sea life in or on the water, you can appreciate those that only dream about it because of difficult life circumstances. Shark Zen is partnering with the Florida Fishing Academy to make this first amazing experience possible for children with little chance to have it otherwise. A portion of your order's proceeds (5%) will be used to help send at-risk children fishing, snorkeling, or paddle boarding for the first time. Shark Zen will chronicle each child's experience through social media and

Click for videos and articles about the program.

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