Kids Snorkeling With Shark Zen 2017

What an amazing day was had by the kids of the Florida Fishing Academy and Shark Zen in the gorgeous waters of Peanut Island in Riviera Beach, Florida. The simple experience of seeing the world underwater can have profound affects on a child’s perspective while teaching them about the environment and a new skill: snorkeling. Check out this short video highlighting the day, and then read on for more detail…

We began the day embarking on a ferry ride to the south side of Peanut Island where the kids had lunch and glowed with anticipation toward the underwater adventure they were about to experience. The weather was perfect and the water, warm and clear.

The kids jumped in with a splash and got their bearings learning how to breathe underwater with a snorkel while swimming. Once comfortable, they explored rocks and seafloor that had no shortage of sea life. An abundance of fish was the predominant wildlife. The waters were teaming with wrasses, sergeant majors, snapper, tangs, trigger fish and more, all seeming to love the attention the children offered.

Not only were there fish, but the kids got a look at a few conch lounging in the sand - certainly a unique experience. Before it was time to go, they explored the shoreline of the island where there were plenty of shells, and a friendly little hermit crab that wished them well.

Judging by their faces and conversations at the end of the day, these kids won’t ever forget their beautiful experience underwater, encountering tropical fish and other sea life. They were certainly grateful for powerful moments and memories created by the Florida Fishing Academy and funded through the customers of Shark Zen. Thank you for your support!

December 11, 2017 by Billy Walsh
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