whale shirts for men and women

About Our Long Sleeve Whale Shirts with UV / Sun Protection

Our long sleeve whale shirts for men and women include UPF protection (similar to SPF) to keep you dry and the sun off of you whether riding with the whales or back on shore. These whale shirts are made of an anti-microbial fabric with a wicking technology that breathes and keeps you feeling cool.


About Our Short Sleeve Whale T-Shirts

Our short sleeve whale tees are made of a mostly cotton fabric blend that is extremely soft, light, and durable. They have a stylish not too snug, not too loose fit. The unique whale design and color combination of these t-shirts will showcase your appreciation of this majestic sea animal.

"Many whale shirts depict the wale jumping, ascending, or rolling. I thought it would be an interesting composition for a design and shirt to capture a dive downward, into the deep. The challenge was to do justice to the humpback whale's signature hump given the inverted back position, but overall it was a fun design to create."

- Billy Walsh / Shark Zen Artist & Founder