Design Your Own Custom Sea Turtle Shirt With UV Sun Protection

You can create your own unique Loggerhead sea turtle or Hawksbill sea turtle long sleeve sea turtle shirt with UV sun protection (UPF). The Loggerhead or Hawksbill can be positioned on the front or back of the shirt, and you can choose from a wide range of striking color combinations to showcase these sea turtle logos. Click below to create your sea turtle long sleeve shirt for men or women for just a $5 upgrade.

sea turtle shirts for men and women

About Our Long Sleeve Sea Turtle Shirts with UV / Sun Protection

Our long sleeve sea turtle shirts for men and women include UPF protection (like SPF) so you can be outdoors and in the sunshine all day. If you're swimming in the ocean, minimizing sunscreen use can be of value for the reefs and sea turtles swimming nearby. Plus, the fabric will dry fast when once you're ready to dry off. These sea turtle shirts are made of an anti-microbial fabric and they wick and breathe to keep you cool.

sea turtle shirt UPF sun protection | quick dry badge

About Our Short Sleeve Sea Turtle T-Shirts For Men and Women

Our short sleeve sea turtle tees are made of a mostly cotton fabric blend that is super soft, lightweight, and durable. They are fitted to be not too tight and not too loose. These sea turtle t-shirts, with their striking designs and color combinations, will stylishly show your love and appreciation of these beautiful sea animals.

About The Design of Our Sea Turtle Shirts

loggerhead sea turtle shirt design

This image shows a few of the steps of the process to create the loggerhead sea turtle design and t-shirt. Below is commentary from the artist.

"When creating these sea turtle designs I wanted to capture a couple of different angles of symmetry - a view from above with the loggerhead and a head-on view of the hawksbill. Since the loggerhead shell usually shows some hints of orange and red, I thought a shade of orange would be a fitting ink color for the t-shirt. A turquoise fabric seemed fitting for a hawksbill sea turtle shirt as sort of an ocean-like backdrop. And what better pattern than water camo would work for sea turtle shirts made for swimming and sun?" 

- Billy Walsh / Shark Zen Artist & Founder

From Our Customers

"This item is actually a gift for my wife this holiday season! I'm usually on the receiving end, but this year the tide has turned. Love the color combo with the turtle design and I'm sure she will too! BTW I'm the owner of at least a half a dozen Shark Zen shirts and love each and every one!"

- David L. / Shark Zen Customer


"This was the second shirt that I bought for my husband. He liked the first one so much it was a no brainer what to get him for Father's Day. The color, a brilliant blue, is beautiful, as is the Hawksbill turtle design. Both fabric and fit are great, and the shirts launder well."

- Maryann F. / Shark Zen Customer


"My husband and I both love our Shark Zen shirts. We practically live in them 24/7 onboard our catamaran TERRAPIN. We receive loads of comments about the Sea Turtle design, which of course, goes perfectly with our boat!"

- Laura R. / Shark Zen Customer