Design Your Own Custom Lobster Shirt With UV Sun Protection

Make your own unique Maine lobster or Florida Spiny lobster long sleeve lobster shirt with UV sun protection (UPF). The Maine lobster or spiny lobster graphic can be printed on the front or back of the shirt, and you can choose from a bunch of your favorite color combinations to display these lobster designs. Create your lobster long sleeve shirt for men or women for just a $5 upgrade.

lobster shirts for men and women

About Our Long Sleeve Lobster Shirts with UV / Sun Protection

Our long sleeve lobster shirts for men and women are made with UPF sun protection (similar to SPF) so you can be in the water and sun all day long. The fabric's sun protection will help minimize your use of sunscreen, which can help the environments of the lobsters you appreciate. The fabric of these lobster shirts dries quickly, and it is anti-microbial with wicking technology to keep you cool on a hot day.

lobster shirts UPF sun protection | quick dry badge

About Our Short Sleeve Lobster T-Shirts For Men and Women

Our short sleeve lobster tees have a mostly cotton fabric blend that is buttery soft while being lightweight and maintaining great durability. You'll enjoy a not too loose, not too snug fit. The unique color combinations and stylish graphics of these classic lobster t-shirts will turn heads and show your love of these impressive sea animals.

"The Maine lobster and spiny lobster have some common features with slight variations, but they also have some obvious differences. I tried to capture the subtleties and emphasize the differences. With a focus from above for both designs, the symmetry of both animals could be communicated, but it was also fun to explore the unique imbalance of the claws of the Maine lobster."

- Billy Walsh / Shark Zen Artist & Founder


"I really like these shirts, first because of the comfort and then the comfort, and lastly they are comfortable!! Lol, yes the quality is great as well. Beautiful rendition of the spiny lobster. People definitely take notice and aren’t shy about inquiring. So, I probably will be requesting my sales commission soon! Definitely recommend these shirts."

- John B. / Shark Zen Customer


"This was my second Shark Zen performance shirt. I also have the Caribbean Lobster also. They’re great. Wear them on my boat. Comfortable, dry quickly, UV protection."

- George T. / Shark Zen Customer


"I gave the shirt from Shark Zen with the Florida Spiny Lobster on the back to my father-in-law, Dr. Bill Herrnkind, who is the foremost authority on the Florida Spiny Lobster. He loved it!"

- Chuck H. / Shark Zen Customer


"Great Product. The lobster boys love them."

Barry T. / Shark Zen Customer