Design Your Own Custom Surfing Shirt With UV Sun Protection

Make your own unique surfing long sleeve shirt with UPF sun protection (similar to SPF). The sea life image can be printed on the front or back of the shirt, and you can choose your favorite color combination to display these designs. Create your surfing long sleeve tops for men or women for just a $5 upgrade.


About Our Long Sleeve Surfing Shirts with UPF Sun Protection

Our long sleeve surfing shirts for men and women are made with UPF sun protection so you can be out all day and minimize sunscreen application on the beach. These surfing shirts are excellent as rash guards or swim shirts. The fabric is anti-microbial, wicks, and dries quickly.

surfing shirts UPF sun protection | quick dry badge
"Great shirt! The material is soft, the colors are vibrant, the logo is cool! My 20 y.o. and 18 y.o. sons, and my husband all love them. They wore them surfing in Mexico last week."

- Mary E. / Shark Zen Customer


"Rash guard holds up well in the water. Keeps its shape and protects you from the sun. Keeps you out in the water longer. Great Florida shirt for catching Florida waves."

- Scott G. / Shark Zen Customer


"Totally cool design. Lite weight. Everything u promised. I lived in Santa Cruz for 15yrs. I sure these shirts would be a big hit there. U guys should set up a booth at a surf contest there. They would sell like hot cakes. These shirts are way better than anything O'Neill sells."

- Daniel H. / Shark Zen Customer