Loggerhead Sea Turtle T-Shirt


The Loggerhead Sea Turtle t-shirt features a stunning tribal sea turtle designed by artist Billy Walsh. The use of orange ink is derived from shades of the color that show through this beautiful animal's shell. It is the perfect shirt for those that love the ocean and its wildlife. A horizontal "Shark Zen" logo is printed on the front left chest area of this sea turtle t-shirt.


  • Extremely high quality
  • Ultra-soft, light, and durable
  • 60% cotton / 40% poly blend (see why we chose this fabric)
  • Stylish yet comfortable fit
  • Sea Turtle on back of sea turtle t-shirt, horizontal Shark Zen logo on front left chest
  • True to size (detailed size info here)

Want a different color combo or the design in a different spot? CLICK HERE

The Fabric Difference

We thoroughly reviewed many types of materials for the t-shirts that would display Shark Zen designs, and we ultimately chose a fabric that will impress you. Click here to learn more.

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