Design Your Own Custom Octopus Shirt With UV Sun Protection

Make your own unique octopus long sleeve shirt with UV sun protections (aka UPF). The octopus design can be printed on the front or back of the shirt, and you get to choose your favorite ink and fabric color combination. Create your octopus long sleeve shirt for men or women for just a $5 upgrade.

octopus shirts for men and women

About Our Long Sleeve Octopus Shirts with UV / Sun Protection

Our long sleeve octopus shirts for men and women include UPF protection (similar to SPF) so you can be in the sun all day and you can swim with minimal sunscreen, which will help the reef habitat of these beautiful animals. The fabric is made to dry quickly once you're out of the water. These octopus shirts are made of an anti-microbial fabric with a wicking technology that breathes and keeps you feeling cool.

octopus shirts UPF sun protection | quick dry badge

About Our Short Sleeve Octopus T-Shirts For Men and Women

Our short sleeve octopus unisex tees are made of a mostly cotton fabric blend that is extremely soft, light, and durable. They have a stylish not too snug and not too loose fit. The unique octopus design and color combination of this t-shirt will showcase your appreciation of this amazing sea animal.

"No octopus's arms are ever distributed in perfect symmetry, but I thought it would be interesting to create a design that demonstrated this possibility, while giving the animal a little bit of emotion. An octopus is a very conscious being, and its evolution has enabled it to change colors, including vibrant colors, in a wide range of situations. That inspired the color combination of the short sleeve t-shirt, with navy fabric as the ocean, and a vibrant lime ink color as one of the animal's many shades."

- Billy Walsh / Shark Zen Artist & Founder


"Octopus design gets a lot of attention. Very cool design and the lime ink jumps off the nice fabric of the t shirt. True to size!"

- Stephen B. / Shark Zen Customer


"I LOVE THIS SHIRT The octopus design is beautiful. The shirt is of great quality, and the material is nice and soft. Thanks!"

- Deborah G. / Shark Zen Customer


"Love all the Shark Zen Shirts!! They are so comfortable and durable!! The new Tribal Octopus design looks amazing on!!!"

- Andrea W. / Shark Zen Customer