I Am Hammerhead: A Short Story & Art Experience [Printable Download]


A hungry hammerhead strays from its migratory school toward shore to hunt. Intense encounters and perils make its mission to find food uncertain, yet its powerful journey reveals how you, as a human, are more similar than you might think to these amazing creatures. Will this hammerhead ever eat again, or will nature call?

This immersive, artistic short story is full of suspenseful action, beauty, and education. Shark Zen artist Billy Walsh fuses his passions for visual art and writing to bring this unique work to you. Read it electronically, print it out, gift it, hang up the artwork, and most importantly, experience it.

Product Details:

  • Entertaining, Educational, Philosophical, Artistic, Experiential
  • The story and art can be enjoyed electronically as a visually beautiful PDF document, or printed stylishly.
  • Included Hammerhead Artwork: 1 black & white charcoal drawing, and 1 black & white digital design (see thumbnail images)
  • The 2 pieces of art are formatted for standalone printing, and can be framed as stylish accent artwork.
  • 1,787 words, approx. 7.5 average book pages of story text, 9 printed 8.5” x 11" pages (including all text and art)
  • This story is PG, but it is meant for an adult reader.
  • A unique gift for yourself or others - not available anywhere else.

Product Instructions:

Immediately after your purchase, you will receive an email that will enable you to download the full PDF document, which can be easily opened and read on a phone, tablet, or computer, or printed out on a home printer. The document can also be downloaded from the order status page.

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