The First Shark Zen Fine Art Painting

Introducing the first Shark Zen fine art painting by Billy Walsh. To get a good breath of what it's all about, watch the following video and then find more detail and info below the video...



"Sand Hammerhead on Blue"






Name: “Sand Hammerhead On Blue”

Artist: Billy Walsh

Medium: Acrylic Paint & Sand on Canvas (Gallery Wrapped)

Canvas Size: 36 x 24 inches, 1.5 inch thickness

Artist Comments: “I’ve been painting my whole life, but hadn’t yet portrayed my Shark Zen style of sea life designs with paintings. I recently became quite inspired to do so. I thought using sand would be a cool addition to a painting of sea life given its direct connection to the ocean. In this particular work, I wanted to maintain the simplicity of the hammerhead design while adding some additional life to it through multiple colors and through the enhanced perception of depth that the sand contributes.” - Billy Walsh

Archivability of Paint & Sand: This artwork was created with high-quality acrylic paint and the sand is bound tightly to the canvas with a clear acrylic gel meant to bind sand to an acrylic painting. The gel and sand are applied in layers for additional reinforcement. There is a final thin layer of acrylic gel on top of the sand to act as a sealant. The entire painting, including the sand, is varnished as a final protective coating. The gel and varnish layer do not take away from the natural texture or look of the sand.

Hanging Options: This painting can be stylishly hung without a frame as the thick, 1.5 inch side edges are painted and varnished like the background on the front face of the painting. It can also be hung with a frame. The simple, clean style of the painting makes it an easy addition to a wide range of room motifs.

Children's Program Contribution: For this painting, we are doubling the usual portion of the order that is used to give at-risk children their first ocean experience. 


*** Inquiries: Because of the high number of inquiries from those that would like to purchase this painting, we are currently conducting an online auction for it running through Thursday, March 1, 2018. If you would like to be invited to participate in this auction, please include your email in the "Painting Inquiries" form below.

UPDATE 3/1/18: This painting has sold. Thank you for your interest! More to come. Get on the list below to hear about it.

February 13, 2018 by Billy Walsh
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Hey Billy,
Hope all is well,
Been a fan for years! I purchased 3 Shark Zen originals… Any chance on an original Hog Fish?
Thanks Eddie



Must have earrings at least.
Sterling Silver with an option for 14k gold.


Dominic said:

Billy really great art work!
I am not a shark lover, but your drawing are amazing.
Wondering if you might consider doing a dolfin. 😎

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