If you have experienced that zen-like feeling when surrounded by sea life in or on the water, you can appreciate those that only dream about it because of difficult life circumstances. Shark Zen is partnering with the Florida Fishing Academy to make this first amazing experience possible for children with little chance to have it otherwise. A portion of your order's proceeds (5%) will be used to help send at-risk children fishing, snorkeling, or paddle boarding for the first time. Shark Zen will chronicle the children's experiences through social media and SharkZen.com.

Here's a link to a blog post about our latest trip in August 2016:

Amazing Kids, a Boat, and Fishing!

Check out the video of the day here:

Our first trip was at the end of May 2016. Check out our blog post about it at:

Great Kids Went Fishing: First Shark Zen Trip

And get a glimpse of the day in the following video: 

Lastly, here's an article by DeeperBlue.com offering a little more detail about the program...

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