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Shark Zen Sand On Blue - 11" x 14"


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Name: "Shark Zen Sand On Blue"

Artist: Billy Walsh

Medium: Acrylic Paint & Ocean Sand on Canvas (Panel)

Canvas Size: 11 x 14 inches

Archivability of Paint & Sand: This artwork was created with high-quality acrylic paint and the ocean sand is bound tightly to the canvas with a clear acrylic gel meant to bind sand to an acrylic painting. There is a thin layer of acrylic gel on top of the sand to act as a sealant. The entire painting, including the sand, is varnished as a final protective coating. The gel and varnish layer do not take away from the natural texture or look of the sand.

Hanging Options: Thin canvas panel, perfect for hanging with a wide range of frames and styles.

Shipping: Free shipping and secure packaging. Will ship via UPS within 4 days of purchase.