Frequently Asked Questions

1. What image should I use for my social media post about Shark Zen?

If you already have Shark Zen gear, you are welcome to post any photos of the gear or you wearing them. The more ocean-oriented the photo, the better! If you don't have gear yet, or you don't want to take a photo, you can use one of our images below.

2. What should I say as a caption for the image?

Include a fun comment in support of Shark Zen, along with a tag and the text "ad" to let people know that you're getting something in return for the post (this is for regulatory purposes). You can also add a link to with your caption.

3. When will I get my discount?

After you make the post, visit the VERIFY link within the email we sent to you. We'll verify your post ASAP and you'll get an email with your discount shortly after. It usually happens within the same day that you verify your post.

If you have other questions, please reply to our partner email or send a note to

Social Media Images

You are welcome to use the images below to post to any social media channel. We'll be adding more options over time. Save the image to your mobile device or computer, and then access it from there when you make your post.