If you are hesitant to buy a Shark Zen shirt for any reason (like size, fabric concerns, etc), one of the three options below might give you more confidence:

OPTION #1: Each of our packages for apparel orders includes a pre-paid return shipping bag. If you or a gift recipient are unhappy with the shirt(s) you purchase for any reason, or if you or the recipient need a size exchange, the shirt(s) can simply be sealed in the bag and dropped in the U.S. mail.

OPTION #2: If option #1 above still won't work for you, send us an email (info@sharkzen.com) and we'll mail you a shirt to try on with no upfront credit card required. If you decide to keep it, we'll invoice you online for the value of the order and shipping to be paid within four days of receiving the shirt. If you don't want to keep it, you can simply seal the shirt in our pre-paid return shipping bag and drop it in the U.S. mail within four days of receiving it. No risk, no cost to you.

OPTION #3: Give us a call at 949-294-9122 to talk about sizing or any other question you might have.