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shark zen florida fishing academy kayaking trip peanut island

On a gorgeous Saturday this year, 18 kids from the Max Fisher Boys and Girls Club had an amazing day on the water kayaking with the Florida Fishing Academy and Shark Zen. Check out this video highlighting the day and then read on below...

The day began with the kids “getting their feet wet” paddling in the marina from where the main adventure would soon begin. They also cooled off in the marina's fountains before the trek!

riviera beach marina fountain

After a good amount of practice and fountain fun, each kayak was tethered to the stern of the boat one behind the other. The kids hopped in their kayak of choice and held on as the boat made its way to Peanut Island, FL.

kayaking peanut island

Once beached at Peanut Island, the kids took turns paddling kayaks along a beautiful shoreline. They learned valuable skills about paddling and steering a kayak. They also learned about focus and perseverance as the activity became challenging.

kids kayaking in florida - shark zen

It was a great day of fun and adventure for these great children. Thank you to the Florida Fishing Academy for organizing and managing the trip, and thank you to the customers of Shark Zen for making this and future trips possible.

To learn about Shark Zen's future ocean experiences for at-risk kids, sign-up below.

December 02, 2018 by Billy Walsh
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