Hammerhead Shark Mandala Performance Shirt


The Hammerhead Shark Mandala UV protective performance shirt will keep you dry and the sun off you whether you're swimming with the hammerheads or relaxing on shore. The back of the swim shirt features the impressive Hammerhead Mandala - a design inspired by hammerhead migration schools and used as an element of the short story experience in Billy Walsh's "I Am Hammerhead: Short Story & Art Experience". The Hammerhead Mandala is on the back of this pearl grey shirt in black and the front left chest area features a horizontal Shark Zen logo in the same color. The material is an extremely light and comfortable, high quality microfibre.

Performance Features:

    • UV protection up to UPF 50+ to keep the sun off you all day
    • PURE-tech moisture wicking technology to keep you dry
    • True to size (see detailed size info)

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