Design Your Own Custom Shark Shirts With UV Sun Protection

Make your own unique long sleeve shark shirts with UV sun protections (aka UPF). The shark designs can be printed on the front or back of the shirt, and you get to choose your favorite ink and fabric color combination. Create your long sleeve shark shirt for men or women for just a $5 upgrade.

shark shirts for men and women

About Our Long Sleeve Shark Shirts with UV / Sun Protection

Our long sleeve shark shirts for men and women include UPF protection (similar to SPF) so you can be in the sun and water all day with minimal sunscreen, which will help the reef habitat of these beautiful creatures. The fabric is made to dry quickly once you're out of the water. These shark shirts are made of an anti-microbial fabric with a wicking technology that breathes and keeps you feeling cool.


About Our Short Sleeve Shark Shirts For Men and Women

Our short sleeve shark tees are made of a mostly cotton fabric blend that is extremely soft, light, and durable. They have a stylish not too snug and not too loose fit. The unique shark designs and color combinations of these t-shirts will showcase every shark lover's appreciation of sharks and their ocean environment.

"Sharks look amazing from any angle. For my shark shirt designs I tried to find angles that would emphasize the unique features of each shark species. For example, views from above a whale shark and hammerhead shark could really accentuate the whale shark's dots and the hammerhead's unique head shape. The thresher shark from the side, in sort of a whipping motion could bring focus to its awesome tail."

- Billy Walsh / Shark Zen Artist & Founder


"My son loves his new hammerhead shark shirt. It fits perfectly and he loves the lightweight soft material."

- Carol S. / Shark Zen Customer


"Cozy shark shirts for all! Purchased for a Fathers Day gift from the kids - had to do a size exchange (really easy process). Ended up purchasing shirts for the kids birthdays too :)"

- Carin M. / Shark Zen Customer


"I bought my Son the Manta Ray shirt and the Thresher Shark shirt for my Husband. They both love them! The material is soft... great quality. I’ll have to myself one!"

- Amy P. / Shark Zen Customer


"The UV protect Thresher Shark shirt was great. It was a gift for my son, and it fit perfectly. He loves it."

- Jim C. / Shark Zen Customer


"If you are looking for a shark shirt, you will find the best shark shirts at Shark Zen. The design is clean and slick, and the shirts are very soft. I have 5 or 6 of these shirts, and people always ask me about them when I am out scuba diving. Order one and see for yourself! Best shark shirts ever."

- Jen S. / Shark Zen Customer


"I love this shirt! Finally a good looking whale shark shirt!"

- Michael M. / Shark Zen Customer


"Love the Whale Shark shirt! Design is gorgeous and the shirt is a very soft quality tee."

- Amy B. / Shark Zen Customer


"I got the shark shirt and it came on time and my husband love it. Can't wait to get more of them. Very happy with this company."

- Deon P. / Shark Zen Customer