Many of our stylish designs can be positioned on the front or back of our long sleeve sailing shirts with sun protection, and you can choose from a wide range of color combination options. Click below to customize your sailing shirt for men or women for just a $5 upgrade.


About Our Long Sleeve Sailing Shirts with UV / Sun Protection

sailor wearing sun protection shirtShark Zen's long sleeve sailing shirt fabric has UPF protection (similar to SPF) to keep sailors and crew protected from the sun all day. The fabric is anti-microbial and contains a wicking technology that dries fast while maintaining breathability. Sailing, boating, or yachting, you can be in the water, on the water, and in the sun all day with these super functional and stylish sailing shirts.

sailing shirt UPF sun protection | quick dry

About Our Short Sleeve Sailing T-Shirts

These short sleeve sailing shirts are made of a super soft, lightweight, and durable fabric blend. The cut is a stylish, not too snug, not too loose fit. Cool and unique sea life designs coupled with eye-popping color combinations will have heads turning wherever you sail.

Sailing Shirts for Sailors and Crew

sailing shirt with uv protection working on sailboatLifelong sailor Leo Rocha sailed the Caribbean in Shark Zen's long sleeve sailing shirts with UV protection, and he enjoyed our short sleeve sailing shirts when out of the water.

"While working on the deck or mast, or sailing all day, it is ideal to not have to constantly apply and re-apply sunscreen, both for time savings and so that your hands aren't always greasy. The breathability and quick drying fabric make harsh sun and weather much easier to handle. What I love after a day of action in the long sleeve sun shirts, is throwing on one of Shark Zen's short sleeve shirts - the most comfortable shirt I own. I get a lot of comments about the designs in every port." - Leo