Design Your Own Swim Shirts For Men With UV Sun Protection

Make your own unique long sleeve men's swim shirt with UPF sun protection (similar to SPF). The sea life image can be printed on the front or back of the men's swim shirt, and you can pick your favorite color combo to display our ocean wildlife designs. Create your swim shirts for men for just a $5 upgrade.

swim shirts for men

About Our Long Sleeve Men's Swim Shirts with UPF Sun Protection

Our long sleeve swim shirts for men are made with built-in UPF sun protection so you can feel great in and out of the water and keep the sun off of you all day. A light and comfortable, yet durable fabric make them the best men's swimming shirts for use as rash guards. The material is an anti-microbial microfibre that also wicks sweat away and dries quickly.

"This is a nice swim shirt... It fits true to size in the XL and is comfortable."

- Justin V. / Shark Zen Customer


"Definitely a swim shirt, thin and silky. Nice swim shirt."

- Doug T. / Shark Zen Customer


"I purchased two extra large performance shirts and was thrilled with the fit and color of both. I have not as yet had the opportunity to wear them to the beach or a pool but will look forward to wearing them later this Spring. Swim shirts that I have purchased in the past simply did not hold up well and lost their shape fairly quickly. I am hopeful that these shirts will stand up to the test of time and will post a followup review later this Summer. The quality of the shirts seems very good so I am hopeful that I will have a positive experience once I hit the water."

- Stephen S. / Shark Zen Customer


"I did buy two! One is a T-Shirt you would think nothing special, you would be wrong, the quality of the material has a different of feel, it is smooth and feels great. Told you two, my second is a long sleeve type of rashguard, this one is something else! I have lots of rashguards, but this one is the pinnacle of comfort, fits perfect thinner than all others smooth and silky water runs off and I feel more at home in the ocean. Truly amazing quality!"

- Pierre L. / Shark Zen Customer