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Special Edition Sea Turtle T-Shirt (Tahiti Blue / PRE-ORDER ONLY)


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*** This is a special edition t-shirt only offered to our VIP email list and only available through pre-order. Details below...

  • The pre-order is open for 3 days until 1:00 PM Eastern Time this Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
  • This shirt will no longer be available for purchase after Wednesday at 1:00 PM and this may be the only time it is ever released.
  • The pre-ordered shirts will be scheduled to ship within 30 days.
  • Other non-special edition items purchased with this pre-order will ship separately with the usual timing for in-stock products.

About The Shirt:

    The special edition sea turtle t-shirt designed by artist Billy Walsh features a unique color combination emphasizing the vibrancy of the tropical waters that are the home to these beautiful creatures. A white loggerhead sea turtle design is on the back of the shirt and a horizontal Shark Zen logo of the same color is on the front left chest area. This premium t-shirt it perfect for time on the water, or just relaxing on shore. 

    Sea Turtle Shirt Features

    • Extremely high quality
    • Ultra-soft, light, and durable
    • 60% cotton / 40% poly blend (see why we chose this fabric)
    • Stylish yet comfortable fit
    • Loggerhead Sea Turtle on back, horizontal Shark Zen logo on front left chest
    • True to size (see detailed size info)

    The Fabric Difference

    We thoroughly reviewed many types of materials for the t-shirts that would display Shark Zen designs, and we ultimately chose a fabric that will impress you. Click here to learn more.

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