Hi - My name is Bill Walsh, and my family and I moved to Jupiter about two years ago. I have been trying several different methods to reach out to our Treasure Coast neighbors, and I’m glad that this method found you.

Since you live here, you may be as passionate about the ocean and its wildlife as I am. Before I tell you anything about my brand and what I'd like to offer my neighbors, see if it's worth your time by checking out our:

Women’s apparel is also coming soon, as well as plenty of new designs and products.

Part of why we moved here was to experience the area's pristine ocean life, including world class fishing, diving, and other great ocean activities. I also knew that the area would inspire me to create artwork and design products that relate to these types of activities. I have since founded Shark Zen to appease this passion.

Shark Zen brings sea life apparel, art, and accessories to those that love the ocean and its wildlife. While most sea life and fishing apparel uses art that can often be in-your-face and loud (not that that's a bad thing), I am creating designs with an emphasis on simplicity and style, while preserving the edgy aspects of the ocean’s wildlife. I am also using the highest quality materials for the products that feature the designs.

Additionally, a portion of all Shark Zen sales goes toward sending at-risk children fishing or snorkeling for the first time. We’re partnering with a local non-profit to do this.

What I’d Like To Send You As A “Nice To Meet You"...

I’d like to offer you a few things as a friendly “nice to meet you”, and to make your first experience with Shark Zen a great one.

1. I’ll Send You a Decal...
If you think you’d use one of our Shark Zen logo decals (see it here), I’d be happy to mail one to you for free ($6.25 total value). Just email me where to send it at billy@sharkzen.com.

2. I’ll Send You a T-Shirt...
A website can't do justice to the quality of our t-shirts and other products. If you’d like to try a t-shirt, I will mail you one without you having to pay or provide a credit card upfront. Pay only if you like it, after your receive it. If you’re interested in trying one, click here to do so.

3. I’ll Send You Treasure Coast-Only Offers and Info...
While we have email lists for customers all over Florida and the country, we’ve put together a special contact list devoted only to our Jupiter friends. We do not email often, and you will be on our highest level list (as a Jupiter resident), so don’t worry about annoying emails.


We keep your email address private and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Also, please feel free to get in touch any time. If you have product ideas, feedback, or if you just want to say hi, I’d love to connect with you. Email me or call me directly at billy@sharkzen.com or 949-294-9122.


Bill Walsh
Founder, Shark Zen LLC