Bring a striking tribal sea turtle design into your life. This design was created by artist Billy Walsh, and inspired by his youthful days on the coastal waters of Florida.
Shark Zen’s long sleeve Sea Turtle performance shirts for women are up to UPF 50 high-grade microfiber with built in wicking technology to keep you dry and give you strong UV protection under the sun. These shirts are light, cool, and stylish.

Shark Zen's Sea Turtle t-shirt is an extremely soft and durable cotton / poly blend (click to learn more about our exceptional fabric). They have a stylish, not too snug, not too loose fit. A single horizontal Shark Zen logo is featured on either the upper back area, left sleeve, or the front left chest area depending on the placement of the featured sea life design. You will love wearing these shirts on the water or on land.

Shark Zen’s Sea Turtle decals are made of high grade, durable vinyl equipped for indoor or outdoor use. The designs are printed in white on transparent backing cut to each design’s shape and presenting a crisp, clean look. These decals are bright in sunlight and stand out in darkness. They come with easy application instructions.