For a $5 upgrade you can create your own unique sun protection swim shirt (a.k.a. Performance Shirt) featuring our ocean wildlife designs! Click below to choose a new color combo or to put the design on the front or back.




Shark Zen’s Long Sleeve Sun Protection Swim Shirts (a.k.a Performance Shirts) for men and women are up to UPF 50+ with built in wicking technology to keep you dry and give you strong UV protection under the sun when you're boating, fishing, diving, surfing, SUP or whatever your ocean flavor. The fabric is recommended as an effective UV protectant by the Skin Cancer Foundation. These shirts are light, cool, and stylish.

UPF sun protection | Moisture wicking technology | Anti microbial shield

Shark Zen's Short Sleeve T-Shirts are an extremely soft and durable cotton / poly blend. They have a stylish, not too snug, not too loose fit. A subtle Shark Zen logo is featured on either the upper back area, left sleeve, or the front left chest area depending on the placement of the featured sea life design. You will love wearing these shirts on the water or on land.